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Vizilite Cancer Screening at Hanna Dental

Doctor Hanna now offers ViziLite Plus cancer screening services to fight the risk of obtaining oral cancer. ViziLite Plus cancer screening helps stop oral cancer by controlling cancerous cells when they are developing.

Utilizing technology to detect the signs of oral cancer

On average, 15-20% of all adults will acquire some form of oral cancer, which is why it is imperative to catch this disease early on and stop the spread. Not all dentists in the Triad area have Vizilite Plus technology, which is why Hanna Dental is your resource to help detect warning signs of cancer.

How does it work?

Utilizing a light source that helps us distinguish cancerous cells apart from normal ones, we can better identify underlying issues within your teeth and gums. As it scans over tissue, healthy tissue will appear dark, while any abnormal tissue will look white. This helps us investigate further and concentrate on the problem area.

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Without this cutting-edge technology, oral cancer would be harder to spot. Through Vizilite Plus cancer screenings and regular checkups, the talented staff at Hanna Dental can help you stay proactive when it comes to the overall health of your mouth. If you have any questions about Vizilite Plus and how it can benefit you, contact Hanna Dental today!

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