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At Hanna Dental in Greensboro, our number one priority is to provide our patients with the quality and comprehensive dental care they deserve. Whether it’s our friendly and caring staff, or our advanced technology, we have numerous tools on hand that allow us to meet that goal.

One service that allows us to truly go above and beyond when it comes to comprehensive care is our cone beam imaging technology. Relatively new in the dental industry, cone beam imaging allows dentists to familiarize themselves with, and understand, the ins and outs of a patient’s mouth. The ability to do so, allows us to provide our Greensboro patients with highly customized dental care fit to meet their specific needs.

Though originally used primarily for implant dentistry, cone beam imaging is useful in scanning a patient’s mouth for regions of interest, diseases and any abnormalities. Cone beam imaging works in a similar way to classic 2D x-rays; however, images captured by a cone beam imaging system are converted into a 3D view, allowing us to see more accurate images of a patient’s mouth structure. Perhaps the most useful aspect of cone beam imaging, these 3D images may then be manipulated by software to determine how particular dental services may impact the patient’s overall dental health.

At Hanna Dental in Greensboro, we use cone beam imaging for a number of things. Whether we are using these 3D images to determine the amount of bone available before an implant procedure, understand our patients’ orthodontics or evaluate trauma to the mouth, cone beam imaging is highly useful in helping us determine how to treat our patients. Software manipulation helps us accurately understand the application of specific dental services, so that we are proactively confident in the services that we provide our patients.

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