Dental technology available in Greensboro NC

Dental Technology

Doctor Hanna is proud to state that we use the most advanced and effective technology in the dentistry business. Below is the range of products we offer:

  • Digital X-Rays – The newest and safest technology in X-Ray machines, we use Digital X-Rays. These X-Rays provide the patient with an even better assessment of their dental care, while reducing the radiation exposure by 80%.
  • Cerec Technology – A new and convenient technology meant to hone the procedure of placing crowns, reducing the number of visits made.
  • Implant Retained Dentures – A solid alternative to regular dentures, implant retained dentures provide patients with the most secure denture care and a more natural look for their teeth.
  • ViziLite Cancer Screening – As part of oral cancer prevention, ViziLite offers cutting-edge technology that identifies abnormal tissue and informs Doctor Hanna of problem areas.
  • SomnoMed MAS Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment – The SomnoMed MAS is a custom-made device that helps combat snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea by adjusting the angle of the lower jaw. The device pushes the chin marginally forward, which changes the tension in the tongue and tightens the tissues and muscles in the airway.
  • All-On-4 Implants – What makes All-on-4 unique are the 2 outer abutments which we insert at a 45 degree angle, increasing their ability to support the prosthesis and creating an all-around more secure implant to last you through the years.
  • Cone Beam Imaging – One service that allows us to truly go above and beyond when it comes to comprehensive care is our cone beam imaging technology. Relatively new in the dental industry, cone beam imaging allows dentists to familiarize themselves with, and understand, the ins and outs of a patient’s mouth. The ability to do so, allows us to provide our Greensboro patients with highly customized dental care fit to meet their specific needs.

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