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Doctor Hanna of Greensboro offers a wide selection of dentures and partials to fit your dental needs. Dentures can be implant-restrained or traditional, with pros and cons for both options. Implant-retrained dentures offer much greater stability when eating, drinking, and chewing, and are usually a better option for the lower jaw due to their ability to secure well onto the lower mandible. Some people will prefer the traditional dentures, as they are less invasive, and easier to place and remove. The choice is up to the patient, however the professionals at Hanna DDS can offer advice and direction on the right choice for you.

Partials are often smaller than dentures, and only replace missing teeth between existing teeth, rather than an entire row. Partials are also held in place by the surrounding teeth, so it is extremely important that the stabilizing teeth are healthy and strong. Because partials help to keep the tooth and gumline straight, they will often help reduce tooth drift and bite changes.

Whichever is the better choice, dentures or partials will both help restore the smile you have been dreaming of. To schedule your appointment today, simply complete the form on the right side of this page or call us at (336) 292-1990.

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